Liugong 904C Hydraulic Excavator

New Holland Workmaster tractor

A portable, versatile excavator ideally suited for a range of tasks, including orchard irrigation and smallholding landscaping work, or anywhere where space is at a premium.

The LiuGong 904C hydraulic excavator is powered by a Yanmar water cooled, 4-cylinder diesel engine, that brings with it high reliability combined with low fuel consumption and low emissions. It features an advanced 4 pump hydraulic system, with auxiliary ports for linking attachments, and has an operating weight of 4,000kg. The 904C provides a comfortable operating environment, with shock absorbing rubber to reduce engine vibration and a skylight that provides enhanced visibility and ventilation. The 904C is controlled via a sensitive and easy to operate joystick, while the ground level access makes maintenance quick and easy.

  • Yanmar 4TNV88 4-cylinder, 4-stroke water cooled diesel engine
  • 27.1kW @2,200rpm gross power
  • 25.2kW @2,200rpm net power
  • 4,000kg operating weight
  • 0.058m3-0.8m3 bucket capacity
  • low noise and low vibration
  • 4-pump hydraulic system
  • auxiliary ports for linking attachments
  • customisable work attachments available
  • sensitive and easy to control joystick
  • easy control pattern changes
  • TOPS, sound-proofed cab
  • large capacity air conditioner
  • skylight for enhanced visibility