New Holland T4000 tractor series (78-106hp)

New Holland T4000 tractor

An all-round, versatile range of small tractors suitable for agricultural and construction use, as well as for golf course and sports ground maintenance, or for use use by local councils in a wide range of applications.

The New Holland T4000 tractor series is designed with versatility in mind, and so provides users with a wide range of options. There is a choice of 78hp—106hp four-cylinder engines, different cab styles, and 4WD or SuperSteer driven front axles. You can opt for a 16x16 Power Shuttle transmission or 44x16 Dual Command transmissions with a choice of 30km/h or 40km/h transport speeds, as well as a creeper option that enables speeds as low as 0.2 km/h. Transmission park lock so they won’t run away on hills with a spray tank attached. The T4000 series are tough and durable machines, with a high power to weight ratio and lift capacity, while the 600 hour service intervals, compact dimensions and low weight all add to their versatility.

  1. 3.2 litre four-cylinder engine (T4020 and T4030) or 4.5 litre engine (T4040 and T4050)
  2. turbocharged and intercooled
  3. 78hp—106hp
  4. Tier III compliant
  5. 75 litre (T4040 and T4050) or 88 litre (T4020 and T4030) fuel tank
  6. optional 4WD or SuperSteer driven front axles
  7. 16x16 Power Shuttle transmission or 32x16 Dual Command transmission
  8. 30.4hp/tonne power to weight ratio
  9. 30km/h or 40km/h transport speeds
  10. creeper speed available
  11. front linkage and PTO
  12. 540rpm rear PTO
  13. rear lift capacity up to 2,900 kg
  14. 600 hour service interval
  15. cab height under 2.4m
  16. ROPS or deluxe cab
  17. air conditioning