New Holland T5000 series (76-113hp)

New Holland T5000 tractor

The New Holland T5000 is ideal for a wide range of field work and is especially effective in tight or confined spaces. It is also versatile enough to be used for heavy loading work.

The New Holland T5000 series of compact tractors offers a choice of engine size—76hp, 86hp, 97hp, 106hp and 113hp—as well as the option of a 2WD model (up to 30 km/h) or 4WD (up to 40 km/h). There is also a choice of transmissions, and this tractor can operate as a front loader or drive a feeder wagon from the PTO. The T5000 series is also compact enough to be used for yard work or in tight spaces, and so is ideal for orchard and vineyard use. Rugged and easy to operate, the T5000 has a 60° turn angle, and a turn radius as low as 4050mm, while the front axle has a fully locking differential linked to the locking rear differential. It is also ideal for loader work, as the 24x24 Dual Command transmission means operators can change direction without using the clutch.

  1. 76hp, 86hp, 97hp, 106hp and 113hp engines
  2. intercooled and Tier III compliant
  3. 2WD or 4WD
  4. top speed of 30 km/h or 40 km/h
  5. optional mid-mount hydraulic valves
  6. choice of mechanical or electronic draft control
  7. power to weight ratio of 37.6kg/hp
  8. lift capacity up to 5,740kg
  9. 60° turn angle, and a turn radius as low as 4,050mm
  10. optional front axle brakes
  11. cab height as low as 2,536mm
  12. overall width as low as 2,012mm