New Holland TT series (55-75hp)

New Holland TT tractor

Ideal for a variety of agricultural and small-scale construction work, including lifting, loading, pushing and pulling.

The New Holland TT range are rugged and dependable general purpose tractors that combine versatility and operator comfort with a sleek design. Ideal for work that involves both getting on and off frequently, or long hours in the driver’s seat, they have gear shift levers and instrument gauges that are conveniently positioned, as well as a sloped hood and concealed fuel tank, muffler and exhaust to give perfect sightlines. The independent PTO remains engaged when changing gears or turning, and the constant mesh transmission is responsive and easy to use. They can be used with both a front-end loader or three-point mounted implements, and this is why the TT series is such a popular workhorse.

  1. Iveco engine (Tier II compliant)
  2. rotary fuel injection pump
  3. 2WD or 4WD models available
  4. partial-synchro transmission (between gears 3 & 4 and 7 & 8)
  5. 8x forward gears, 2x reverse
  6. optional independent PTO
  7. can be used with a front-end loader or three-point mounted implements
  8. high capacity fuel tank (up to 62 litres)
  9. rear axles feature multi-plate wet disc brakes, oil immersed for good heat dissipation
  10. easy implement hook up
  11. sloping hood and side-mounted exhaust provide unimpeded 360° views
  12. easy maintenance