New Holland Rustler Utility Vehicles (14-23hp)

New Holland Rustler Utility Vehicles

Ideal for growers or smallholders in the Adelaide Hills, sheep and cattle farming on the Fleurieu Peninsula, or for local councils for maintaining parks and golf courses.

The New Holland Rustler range of utility vehicles (UVs) are suitable for work in a variety of terrains, and this versatility makes them ideal for use in agriculture and construction throughout South Australia. The 115 and 120 Rustler can be personalised with accessories such as cargo protection cages, certified FOPS canopies, front and rear steel skid plates, while the certified 4-point ROPS, grab handles and retractable seat belts mean that you can work safely, regardless of the conditions. The Rustler 115 features a large-block, V-twin 14hp petrol engine, while the 120 comes with a 20hp liquid-cooled diesel engine, while the CVT engine braking and four-wheel hydraulic disk brakes also means it’s an ideal UV for working on steep terrain such as an Adelaide Hills vineyard or orchard. Combined with high ground clearance (22.9cm on the 115, 20.8cm on the 120), the Rustler power-to-weight ratio means they can handle heavy loads comfortably without bottoming out, on all sorts of ground.

  1. 14hp petrol (115) or 20hp diesel (120) engine
  2. shift-on-demand 4WD (115) or IntelliTrak automatic all-wheel-drive system (120)
  3. independent front suspension (with independent rear suspension on 115)
  4. CVT transmission
  5. electric tray lift (120)
  6. four-wheel hydraulic brakes and CVT engine braking
  7. rack and pinion steering
  8. tilt adjustable steering wheel
  9. 4-point certified ROPS
  10. operator and passenger grab handles, and retractable seat belts
  11. bench seats as standard
  12. weather protected glove box, storage pockets and two console mounted cup holders
  13. 24 month/2000 hour warranty